What to expect

What special the special arrangements this year?

Live classes are socially distanced, click here for Horley, click here for West Wickham



Who is AH Yoga's online meetings suitable for?

Iyengar Yoga  with Angela Hulm, is suitable for all adults.


How do I find out more? or join a class?

If you haven't attended before please complete a registration form on www.ahyoga.org.uk and subscribe to my website.


What's the password for our meetings



Who is responsible for my safety at home?

Attendance at classes in your home is at your own risk.


I too old or unfit to practice yoga? 
Yoga is suitable for all ages. Yoga will tone and stretch your body, improve your posture and calm and quieten your mind. Whatever your current fitness levels, yoga will improve your strength, suppleness and stamina. 

Can I do yoga if I have an illness or injury? 
Yes. Discuss any injury or illness with me before the class so I can provide alternative poses according to your requirements. 

Can I attend your yoga class if I am menstruating?
Yes, you can. Tell the teacher if you are menstruating before the class so alternative poses may be used. 

What are the benefits of yoga to me? 
The basic postures build strength and stamina, improve muscle tone, flexibility and alignment. Practising them reduces tiredness and soothes the nerves. Yoga also trains and disciplines the mind so concentration is improved. The immediate benefits of yoga are greater flexibility and strength. As you continue with your practice, psychological and spiritual benefits begin to appear. 

Are there men in your yoga classes? 
Yes, many men attend my classes. Yoga provides a fun and social path to health for all – women and men. 

What should I wear for my yoga class? 
Wear clothes that allow you to move easily. Most people wear shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. Have bare feet. 

Do I need to bring equipment? 
For my home studio classes, there is no need to bring anything as my studio is fully-equipped. For classes in the local halls, please bring a blanket or towel. Non-slip yoga mats are available for £12.

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