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Online classes success!

'It's just like being in class with you!' Yes we were all sceptical about online classes but they've certainly been well received so far. It does take time to work out how to use your device(s) as a camera and microphone, but those who've tried an introduction session have gone on and enjoyed a full length class. Benefits of online classes is that you can see the demonstration clearly and, the teacher can see you as no one is in your way. You can have the sound as loud or as quiet as you like so you can hear well, the class participants are muted during the class so you can really concentrate. Your microphone will be on before and after class so you can say hello, exchange virtual greetings, you can choose whether to see everyone in gallery view. During class put it on speaker view so you can see the teacher easily. See class listing for weekly 90min classes Sat 11am, Tues 8pm and Thurs 8pm. Other classes will be scheduled... See you soon at yours!

Just click on the link in the calendar 15 minutes before the class starts, get yourself on your mat and in the picture. Sorry no recordings available, live online tuition only.

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I will have a go at this . But not wanting to boast!!!!! I have managed to do 20/30 mins practice each morning,including headstand

R x

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