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About AH Yoga

Helping you into the right position

AH Yoga for Adults

Angela offers 75 minute classes to help you learn how to improve your posture or deepen your yoga practice. Our classes are carefully structured and follow a 4-week programme, with a restorative class every fourth week.

Suitable for beginners through to experienced practitioners, classes explore different postures (asanas) to achieve balance of body and mind, and breathing practices (pranayamas) to help you relax.


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Our teachers

Angela Hulm

Hello, I’m Angie Hulm, owner of AH Yoga with online and covid secure classes in West Wickham. 

At the suggestion of friends who enjoyed practicing yoga with me I started training as a Iyengar yoga teacher in 2002, passing my introductory certificate in 2005.

Since 2005, I have found that people come to yoga for many reasons. In my classes, I aim to create a homely feel for students, resulting in a welcoming community of mixed ability yoga students. 

I have lived in Bromley since 1963 and began practicing Iyengar 
yoga in 1980. Madeleine took me to an Iyengar Yoga weekend retreat to get over a broken

romance. I loved how happy and in control I felt by the end of the weekend. As a young adult with Rheumatoid Arthritis I was pleased that Iyengar yoga helped me keep my symptoms in check. After the birth of my second child in 1996 I suffered a severe flare up of RA requiring steroids. 

My regular yoga practice gave me the hope that I could avoid the potentially life-threatening side effects of this cocktail of drugs, which through an exclusion diet I was able to do. My GP and consultant has been impressed that even through physical and emotional trauma I had no flair ups of RA since being discharged by the consultant in 2001. 

Following redundancy from Roffey and Clarks bookshop in 1984 I lectured and taught retail staff at Bromley College of Technology. I have a Certificate in Education and an MBA, having worked and taught Business in London schools and colleges within both statutory and private sectors for over 30 years. 

On qualifying as an Introductory Iyengar yoga teacher in 2005, I established AH Yoga. I passed Iyengar yoga teaching qualifications to Junior Intermediate level 1 standard in 2008.

As part of my own practice, I attend regular classes with senior Iyengar teachers. In 2016, I was taught at the RIMIYI Yoga Institute in Pune, India – the home of Iyengar yoga.

My gentle and general Iyengar yoga classes with a small number of students provide a tailored learning experience. This may be in my well-equipped home studio in West Wickham or in local halls in West Wickham. I provide individually adapted postures to match the class to your needs. This enables me to support you to practice gently, or to challenge yourself with deeper practices and a fuller range of postures. 

As a result, all my classes are suitable for beginners, improvers and returners.

Give yourself some time - you are worth it! 

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When completed please return to Angela using the email address provided.

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