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5th Feb 2018 Hazel Holt-Bailey Facebook review

"What a wonder: Angela and Iyengar yoga magic wand. A year ago I had a painful knee joint after a fall 2 years previously, and could not kneel comfortably. After a year of regular classes of gentle stretching focusing on the alignment of my very wonky posture I feel stronger in mind and body, and the knee is very happy!

Angela teaches with care, warmth and humour! She takes the time to work with all her pupils individually, whatever ability they have, in order that they get the most out of her lessons. I feel it is a great investment in my (not so young anymore) body for the future."

Hazel on stage at Coney Hall Village Fair 2017, and at the OM Yoga Show Alexandra Palace 2018.


Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful Yoga Holiday.  It was absolutely perfect as far as I was concerned.  Hope you enjoyed it also.


"I have been going to Angela's classes for many years. She is an amazing teacher, very experienced and helpful during the class. The difference from Angela's classes than others I have attended are that you tell she loves what she teaches and she also makes sure you gain the benefit from her teaching by watching you in each posture and correcting any errors so that you learn exactly how do each pose right. I would certainly recommend Angela and her classes not only for fitness but for relaxation and benefits to health." 

"I have been going to Angela's classes since the summer 2008, Angela showed me the bridge pose and wow I have never looked back. Back problems are now a thing of the past! Angela is a positive and inspiring person and a very caring and patient teacher :-)" 

“It really makes you think, and learn to control your body”

“It’s really toned & tightened my bum!"


"I have been going to Angela's classes for quite some years now. After experiencing other yoga teachers Angela's teaching technique and knowledge is far superior. She cares about each and every person in her class and knows of any ailments or problems and has helped us all. I had a knee and back problem for over a year and with Angela's help I am now back to full strength. I thoroughly recommend Angela's classes for vitality, fitness and relaxation - as well as a great group." 


"It’s great to relax!"

"I can’t believe I don’t get backache anymore"

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