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Book now for Autumn retreats at Oxonhoath

Iyengar Yoga Online classes April 2021

Join me for 30 Minute daily practice at 10pm from 7th April for 40 days.

April weekly class times with Angela Hulm

· Monday 8:30am till 9:45am

· Tues 8pm till 9:30pm

· Weds 8:30am till 9:45am

· Thurs 8:30am 30 min relaxation and pranayama

· Fri 8:30am till 9:45am (No class 30th April)

· Sat 11am till 12:30PM

Join any of Angie’s Zoom Meetings through this link. Password if needed is: AHYoga

Any 6 classes for £50 (1 class £10) or £50 for as many classes as you can attend in a month including At Home retreat including a dedicated pamper session. concessions available

Please pay if you can Co-op Bank acc 84163316 sort 08-93-00

Thursday 8:00pm online * with Terence Tofield To join Terence Tofield’s class Meeting ID: 744 779 0685 Passcode: TYoga you can just click on this link…

Thank you for staying home, staying safe, and saving lives.

£250 - £375pp fully flexible bookings so you can book with confidence.

Fri 8th to Sun 10th Oct with Angie Hulm

Fri 26th to Sun 28th Nov with Lydia Holmes and Edgar Stringer

Not tried online classes. Didn’t get on with them earlier in the year? No space?

It’s time to try again! Get a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and I’ll help you get set up so you can make the most of your time at home.

Iyengar Yoga kit list (missing anything? I’ve got lots that you are welcome to free of charge)

2 mats arranged as a cross if you have room.

4 foam pads

2 cork bricks

2 belts (one of them to be a long belt with a buckle you know how to work)

1 or 2 bolsters

2 firm blankets or towels

1 or 2 chairs with flat seat, ideally one that you can sit through the back of the chair.

New to classes with AH Yoga? Complete a registration form and subscribe via contact page to receive an invitation to join a meeting

How to use Online interactive Iyengar yoga classes so you get full benefit:

1. You need a device such as a phone or computer with a camera, speaker & internet access.

2. Charge your device fully, (turn down the brightness of the screen to avoid draining the battery).

3. Set up your camera so that the light is behind your camera, so I can see your mat and you ie the floor and most of the wall behind your mat. You’ll need to put it as far over the other side of the room as you can standing almost upright so you need something to prop it in position.

4. Unmute yourself if you want to ask me something during class.

· Use 2 devices so you can enjoy the best position to see me, and for me to see you well.

· Use earphones so you hear my directions clearly, and get to hear my feedback on your posture.

During class you will experience the peace of hearing my instructions, seeing demonstration of key points, so you can deepen your practice in the comfort of your own home.

Ready for more? If you are already practicing daily this is an ideal time to deepen your study. If you would like books or contacts to support your study eg pranayama or philosophy I’m pleased to pass on my resources, as well as books etc on how to deepen your physical practice

Stay well - keep calm - be kind🙏🏽 🙏🏾🙏🏿 Participation in classes is at your own risk

Book Now!

Wednesdays 8pm to 9.30 pm at the Dance Company Studios, 76, High Street, Beckenham, BR3 4LS with Shirley St Hill. Fees payable in advance. To attend a free taster session or for further information email Janet Rickman or phone 07954 40 48 03

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