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Happy Easter April 2023

Including ...

Angela Hulm:

“One of my teachers said Guruji had given the advice to set your alarm clock 20 minutes earlier and have those 20 minutes before the day starts as your time. And that was life changing, it stayed with me until I did teacher training 20 years later.

More recently, Genie Hammond’s advice on what to practise was do one pose that you know and love, and one that you don’t get or don’t like. If you practice just those two poses every day for a week you’ll find something new in the one you love, and you’ll get over your situation with the other one.“

In person 90 min weekly classes in West Wickham Methodist Old Church have space for you.

Tues 5:15pm with Terence Tofield

Sat 11am with Shirley St Hill

In person & online At Home 75 minute classes with Angela Hulm

please check WhatsApp Angela before you attend

  • Sun 8pm: Apr 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th in person

  • Mon 9:30am: Apr 3rd, 10th, 17th in person

  • Thurs 6pm: Apr 13th, 20th, In person only

  • Fri 7:30am: Apr 14th, 21st, online only

  • Fri 11am: Apr 14th, 21st, In person only

Thurs 7:30am weekly 30 minute online relaxation pranayama practice

I'm pleased to arrange a 121 or a class at a time to suit you, please WhatsApp me the time or day that would work for you.

Join any of AHYoga’s Zoom Meetings through this link. Password if needed is: AHYoga

At Home classes Weekly WhatsApp messages confirm times this week in person attendance to be booked using WhatsApp.

Please pay Mrs Angela R Hulm Co-op Bank acc 84163316 sort 08-93-00

Any 6 classes for £50 (1 class £10) or £50 for as many classes as you can attend in a month. Regular students are welcome to attend private sessions At Home as part of your £50.

Concessions available.

I look forward to seeing you online or At Home. Stay well - keep calm - be kind

Best wishes Angela🙏🏽 🙏🏾🙏🏿

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