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Why don't you do videos?

Why don't you do videos? My answer to this question is always that it's so difficult to use a video to practice with . This broadcast will focus on how to practice, so you learn to listen and look carefully to inform your practice. It's not what you practice, eg which poses that counts, it's that you do practice, and how.

Here's a 15 min practice video for regular students to use to inspire their home practice.. Make sure you listen well and keep your head level and in line with your spine.

You can use any clear floor for your practice. Kitchen counters are an ideal firm support

If you have a regular practice of sirsasana remember to practice that early in your sequence.

Great to practice a quieter inversion such as a supported shoulder stand or bridge pose after or instead of sirsasana. Do use more support under your shoulders than I did, you will get into a better position if your support is the full width of your shoulders and upper arms.

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