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Let's Do Yoga!

Iyengar Yoga with Angela Hulm MBA DipM Cert Ed

Most people hoped to gain flexibility and learn to relax. Some were surprised at how physical yoga is, but were pleased when aching legs meant longer leaner leg muscles after just their first class.

Yoga combines all the benefits of western style exercise in terms having a top to toe workout every class with the mental control that’s gained from stretching precisely with increasing concentration.

Yoga keeps your attention as you practise it by helping you to understand correct posture and how to work to your maximum safely. Stretching further makes you realise that you can be stronger, straighter, and calmer through practice. Yoga brings real benefits right from your first class.

After your first class you’ll feel more in control of your body, and believe that you have

got the power to relax. Yes, yoga will help your physical health, and much more besides.

Your next few classes will see you learning to make lots of poses to challenge the strong straight posture you learnt in your first class. Your movements will become more fluid as your body learns to work strongly. As you gain confidence with the postures you learn to work more deeply, it is this depth that makes each stretch refreshing and calming.

‘I loved it – I wish I’d started before'

'My husband says my mood improved'

'My legs really ached'

'I slept so well'

'I feel more alive'

'I feel great'

These are a few comments from beginners to IYENGAR yoga in West Wickham with Angie Hulm.

Call Angie to be sent full details.

In the Old Church Saturday mornings

11am -12:30pm, or visit my website for full details of my classes At Home at 21 Addington Rd and at the Assembly Halls too.

Text 07771 56 50 46

As printed in Vista Magazine in April 2007

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