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Retreat yourself!

‘I slept so well, I really feel rejuvenated.’

Going on retreat gives you time to switch off so you can be refreshed. A country retreat provides a comfortable way to recharge yourself with tranquil walks, taking time to relish your food, as you nourish your mind and body.

Making time to notice how much sleep you need will help you to make the changes the need to your everyday routine so that you enjoy everyday more.

Plan your At Home retreat for a day when you can give yourself a digital detox. Stock up on wholesome nourishing foods and drinks. Let go of clutter, and place something you love as your waking view.

Start your At Home retreat with a yoga practice to stretch and relax you before dinner. Clearing up the kitchen and planning for the next day will mean you digest your food well. Indulge your skin with massage and masks, then bathe and relax for an hour before retiring.

As you wake take time to give thanks for the ground below you, and the air you breath. Enjoy a hot drink to clear your mind and body. Start the day with a quiet seated or lying practice. Drink plenty before a light breakfast. Prepare a wholesome substantial lunch. Rest or take a stroll before a more vigorous mid morning practice.

Challenge yourself to try a new approach, thoroughly examine your practice. Savour how well you relax after a concentrated practice. Eat lunch heartily, your body will let you know how much to rest or stroll afterwards.

Retreats feature in most cultures for the practical reason that you get to re-connect and start afresh.

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