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Commit to a daily routine and you will shine brightly is the message my teacher Genie Hammond who died recently aged 88 passed on to me.

Saucha means to shine brightly. Purity and cleanliness leads us to shine brightly from within. Purification of the body, emotions, mind emotional and thought patterns. Is achieved through practicing yoga.

We first of all create space by removing stiffness of both body and mind. Practicing standing well removes the fatigue that results from sedentary living, and avoids back and neck pain.

As stiffness is removed so we are better able to balance our selves, front and back, right and left, mind and body.

Aligned we can build strength and stability by challenging our posture with our body weight.

Genie started yoga in her 40s to help recover from a broken back. The relief she got from her practice made her zealous to share the benefits of yoga with all. No shopping trip or outing would be complete without her helping another customer or member of staff, even when in her 80s she was in hospital after a fall she had staff queueing up to get her advice relieve aches and pains.

Iyengar yoga teaches you how to stand, sit and lie well so you learn how to practice as part of everyday life to avoid future pain.

Angela Hulm IYENGAR Yoga Teacher

Mixed ability and experience adult daytime and evening classes in BR4

Text 07771 56 50 46

As published in Vista Magazine October 2017

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